Time Series visualization Global Filter

(Fábio Santos) #1


I'm trying to create a time series visualization with two series to see metrics from servers.

My problem is:
These two series use different json documents. the first serie has a field performancemanager.virtualmachines.name to identify Server name and the second uses inventory.virtualmachines.name to identify Server Name.

I want to filter by Server in Dashboard (Using Global filter or controls). How can do this? If I use the field from the first serie, will affect the second serie.

Is possible to create a mapping in ES/Kibana between these fields? Something like performancemanager.virtualmachines.name field is linked to inventory.virtualmachines.name, so if a create a global filter to performancemanager.virtualmachines.name, the second serie will use this filter in inventory.virtualmachines.name field?

I have been thinking about using scripted fields, I think can be a solution to this, but I want to explore other solutions before getting in scripted fields.

Thanks for help.

Fábio Santos

(Chris Cowan) #2

Scripted fields could possibly solve your problem but Time Series Visual Builder does not support scripted fields. As of now I can't think of a work around that would solve your problem, this would need to be a new feature for the Time Series Visual Builder.

Would you like to file an issue in our Github repo? https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues
I can do it on your behalf if you would like, if you file it then you will receive notification when the issue is updated or closed. Let me know :smiley: