Scripted Field doesn't appear in Visual Builder

Hi All,

Scenario: From Elasticsearch, I am getting chat participants as an array of string for each document.

For example - I am receiving data in Kibana something like this -

Document 1:

"_source": {

"participants": [

Document 2:

"participants": [

My requirement is to display users talked on our messenger every hour for let say last 7 days.

To achieve the requirement - I created a Time series in Visual Builder and kept following configurations:
aggregation = count
aggregation = Count, Group By = Terms by participants
and made other configurations required to display count per hour basis and kept the chart as stacked bar.

It creates time Series almost same what I want -- BUT graph/chart is including "messenger" as well in the list of users.

So the output I am getting in Visual Builder is something like as below -

messenger 2
John 1
Harry 1

While, I want to get something like ---

John 1
Harry 1

I want to exclude "messenger" from my counts and display.

Then in order to achieve it - I created a scripted field which holds only "users", not the "messenger".

scripted_user has values = John and Harry for respective documents.

But, seems visual Builder doesn't support use of scripted field.

If I can be able to "group by" on "scripted_user" field in Visual Builder, my problem will get solve.

Could any of you please suggest how can I use scripted field in Visual Builder,
Otherwise, any other solution for my use case.

Many thanks in advance.


the usage of scripted fields inside of Visual Builder is at the moment an open issue: #17100

Please follow this to stay informed about the progress.


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Meanwhile, could anybody suggest/guide me for any other alternative approach to meet my requirements?
Is there any other way to build Timechart in Kiabana (other than visualBuilder) where I can use scripted field. Your suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks!

You can use any classical chart. E.g. just use a bar/area/line chart with date histogram on the x-axis on the desired field, and you'll have the timechart you want. Also all classical charts support scripted fields.

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