Unable to see scripted fields in Time series visualization

(Shantanu Deshpande) #1


I've added three numeric scripted fields in kibana. But I am not able to see them when I try to build time series visualization.

I read in the documents that " You can use scripted fields in your visualizations." But I am not even able to see them when I try to create visualizations.

Any help for clearing the doubt would be appreciated.


(Saram Ali) #2

Scripted fields cannot be searched. I believe you are searching it somehow in the time series.

(Guillaume Dufrenne) #3

You can try to refresh the "refresh field list " in the index pattern page . And then go to discovery tools : Do CTRL + F5 . Then check if your scripted fields appears in the list . If Yes . open a new visualizations

(Shantanu Deshpande) #4

Yes, I am searching them in visual builder. Is this not supported as of today?

(Saram Ali) #5

Yes you cannot search scripted fields.

(Shantanu Deshpande) #6

Okay. Is there any feature request for this? I mean this would be awesome to have in visual builders as they seem more powerful in visualizing data.

(Saram Ali) #7

Well I think so the same but scripted fields in general cannot be searched. It's not only restricted in Time Series.

(Shantanu Deshpande) #8

But I can view the trend of scripted fields in other visualizations like line,area,etc.

(Guillaume Dufrenne) #9

scripted fields are not stored like other fields .

When you make a new visualization , the script will be executed in the query .
you can easily check it in "the Elasticsearch request body" of the visualization .

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