Visualize "scripted field"

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hi, I'm using Elastick Stack 5.0 and currently trying to visualize scripted fields.

I've made scripted fields so far and it worked well when I check them at "DISCOVER".

Once I tried visualizing them, however, newly created "scripted fields" were not reflected.

That is, I was able to choose one of "fields" to make visualization but not those "scripted fields".

Is there anything that I need to configure apart from just making scripted fields via "Management => Index Patterns => Scripted fields => Add scripted field => Create field" ??

Btw, I'm running logstash on my Virtual Machine (ubuntu 16.01) to send data to elastic cloud.
And since I've only downloaded logstash, I don't have elasticsearch.yml file.

It would grateful if you can help me visualize "scripted fields" on Kibana



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This was a regression that will be fixed in the next release.

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Thx for the reply!

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