Displaying list of months irrespective of presence of data


I'm new to ELK stack and trying few things.
I want to display a Bar graph, where Y-axis has a count of cars and X-axis are the month and year when the cars are sold. I want to display all the respective months irrespective of data being present or not.
Note: here few months do not have data and i want them to be shown with empty bar element in the chart.

Currently my bar chat's X-axis is as below:

I want to show all the months, if data is present then that particular count will be shown, if not then empty bar and that particular month on the x-axis.
Please help me with this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Right now what's happening is it's only showing the labels every three months (Apr 2015, Jul 2015, Oct 2015, etc.). It has nothing to do with certain bars having data. Unfortunately, the best thing you can do to show all labels is narrow your time range.

Hi @lukas
Is there any other way to show all the labels as you suggested, without narrowing the time range?
I want the labels on the x-axis to be constant i.e each month of the year as per the time range selected.

I don't think there's currently a way to get around this. Sorry!

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