Displaying number field in (K|M|G)bits/s

Hello everyone.
I want to measure hourly speedtest and keep that info and luckily, speedtest-cli app can output to json, which i can use to import to elasticsearch. Now, data displayed by speedtest-cli contains upload and download speed in bits, not bytes. I know that Kibana has a way to specify a field as "Bytes" and it will display number fields depending on bytes size. However, if i choose the "download" field which contains a number in bits, it will display that in bytes. It's like this.

  "download" : 58478385.98511417,
  "upload" : 7753314.934425002

When in Kibana i mark those number fields as "Bytes", it will display it like:

download: 55.8MB
upload: 7.4MB

when it should be:

download: 58.5
upload: 7.8

I mean, the calculation performed by kibana is just fine, it just calculates by using 1024 units instead of 1000 if bits are in play. How to achieve that if there is a way to make it work?

In the upcoming 7.7.0 release, I introduced a set of new formatting options that will support bits and bytes with different decimal bases: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/7.7/numeral.html#_bytes_and_bits

Niiiiiiice! Can't wait for 7.7 then. I'm currently on 7.6.2

If you are interested in a workaround, some users who want to convert their numbers into a "per second" metric use the TSVB app. Here is a recent blog post about showing rates in TSVB: https://www.elastic.co/blog/visualizing-observability-with-kibana-event-rates-and-rate-of-change-in-tsvb

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