Distinct on cumulative sum

I'm trying to represent my metric vis by a histogram to have a trend, but it doesn't work with cumulative sum because in my case he just sum the unique count do you have a way to do that


Can you provide more information? What does your data look like? How are you setting up your aggregations? What are you getting? What would you like to get?

@Nathan_Reese sorry sure today I have metrics like that :

and I'd like a line chart that how shows me the evolution of that metrics, something like that :

but in this case the max should be 34 not 115 because the 115 is just a cumulative sum and I want something like a cumulative unique count


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I think I have the same question.

In my words (always difficult to properly describe what you're after in a new field...):

I want to generate a graph that increases for each record with a new unique value of some specified field.

So as events come in, with any number of different fields, but all including the field machineId, I want the graph to increase by 1 when an event comes in with a new value of the field machineId.

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