How to manipulate result of cumulative sum metric?

Kibana version : 5.4.0

Hello .

I have a goal to achieve but struggling with kibana interface so I would like to get some help with this.

My Goal

I will need to achieve below 2 steps

  1. Calculate the cumulative sum of field spamscore using the histogram bucket
  2. Using the cumulative sum I will need to calculate the ratio of against the total hits of search period.

For step2 , I will need to divide each histogram bucket by 73 (e.g 3 / 73 , 5/73,etc )

Currently, I have achieved step1 as below.

However, I am struggling with Step2. After reading the document , I assume that I will need to write script but not sure where to write it and how to access the cumulative sum series as doc field .

May I ask how can I achieve my goal?

Unfortunately, you are not currently able to chain aggregations in Visualize. However, this might be possible with Timelion if you are actually looking for a histogram.

What should the visualization look like in the end?

@thomasneirynck might be able to provide some insights.


Thank you for the reply.

Ok. So input data will be below. Score will be the histogram in this case.


From above time series , I want to do aggregation like below.

From the data above I am trying to draw a chart like below. The charts consists of

  1. Counts per scores
  2. ratio of counts against cumulative sum of counts along the over the scores.

Can this be drawn on timelion ?

@tsmalley @thomasneirynck

Any luck ?

I have amended the original data series. Since it was the result aggregation instead.

Any good idea?

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