Distributed search?

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I am new to ElasticSearch and I was wondering if it is the right tool to use.

Our situation is:

We are a medium size company (about 5.000 employees) and we have lots of different technologies:

Sharepoint 2010;
SQLServer 2005 and 2008;
Drupal 7 CMS;
Oracle 10g and 11g;
Sybase DB;
Media Servers;
Docs Servers;
Docs in File Systems;
and others.

Drupal is running on Amazon Web Services (EC2) and the rest is running on premise.

Is it possible to have ElasticSearch running in the Cloud along side with Drupal and still be able to index the content which are located on premise? We are planning to use Amazon's Direct Connect between AWS and our DC, so the bandwidth won't be a huge problem (latency may be).

We are trying to develop a new platform (based on ElasticSearch) which would be able to index and give access to pretty much every content in the company, like a dedicated Google Search for our content. Is it even remotely doable?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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