Division between two sum fields

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I need help to calculate the division between two sum. How can I do?

something like

"aggs" : {
"sum_1" : { "sum" : { "field" : "flag_barisolve" } },
"sum_2" : { "sum" : { "field" : "flag_anagrafe" } }
"division" : {
"script" : {
"lang": "painless",
"inline": "sum_1 / sum_2"


(Abdon Pijpelink) #2

Take a look at pipeline aggregations. These are aggregations that work on the result of other aggregations. In your example, you could use a bucket_script pipeline aggregation:

"aggs": {
  "sum_1": {
    "sum": {
      "field": "flag_barisolve"
  "sum_2": {
    "sum": {
      "field": "flag_anagrafe"
  "division": {
    "bucket_script": {
      "buckets_path": {
        "my_var1": "sum_1",
        "my_var2": "sum_2"
      "script": "params.my_var1 / params.my_var2"

This does not work for root-level aggregations. So, the sum_1, sum_2 and division aggregations must be child aggregations inside a multi-bucket aggregation.

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Hi abdon,
thanks a lot for your support.
With the Sense client query is correct.
How to display the result in a visualize of Kibana (ex. data table)?

It's off topic?


(Abdon Pijpelink) #4

Take a look at Timelion. It will allow you to do things like this in Kibana visualizations.

(Emanuele) #5

It's possible visulize output, root aggregations and division, with data table or bar chart?

(Abdon Pijpelink) #6

All of that should be possible, with the exception of the data table. I don't think Timelion supports data tables.

Take a look at the built-in tutorial to see what it can do. Timelion's syntax is very different from the regular aggregations, so there is a bit of a learning curve.

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I want use Kibana's visualize like data table, vertical bar chart, pie chart, ecc...

It's possible with the pipeline aggregations like above query?


(Abdon Pijpelink) #8

No, that's currently not supported. The only way to do something similar to that is with Timelion.

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