Dns reverse lookup in elasticsearch 5.0.1

I am using elasticsearch version 5.0.1 and centos 7.0
I want to resolve IP address to dns host name of my elasticsearch data. Is there any way to do it while uploading files to elasticsearch

I want to convert IP address of source,destination as host name.Is there any posiblity to do it
Doing dns resolve manually while uploading files takes more time since I push bulk records every time to elasticsearch db.

Thanks in advance

You need to use Logstash for that./

Thanks for your reply.
How can I use Logstash to my data...as it is live data from my network
Could you please give any hint how to use logstash with my data

Thanks in advance

How does it get into ES?

Thanks for your reply
I parse data manually in python according to my format and push it to elasticsearch using curl command.

Thanks in advance

Why not just use Logstash for all of that?

My input is json file from network.
can logstash convert json file to the format I need?
If possible please give some example

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