Do we have any chance to do the custom changes in individual visuals in Kibana except CSS

Hi Team,

Please help us to do the custom changes in individual visuals in Kibana except CSS.


Hi @Abj_Ins, can you give an example of what you're trying to do?

Hi @carly.richmond,


If we observe the above image, visual 1 having space on top and visual 2 is looking good but both are having same size. Here, we have customize time range filter of the visual 1 then if we remove that time range it looks same as visual 2. So, i tried to apply the CSS changes then it should effect every visual in the Dashboard as below.

Finally, if i just want to do some custom changes as mentioned above in a specific visual except CSS. Please suggest me on the same to overcome this issue.

Thanks in Advance.

Thanks for confirming @Abj_Ins. I've found an old post on this topic, and the guidance still seems to be you would need to build a plugin or change the code.

An example plugin would be this one. However, given it was written with 7.7.1 I'm not sure it would be compatible with future versions.

Thanks @carly.richmond for the response...

Before adding the code in CSS as below.

After adding CSS code display:none then titles of all visuals are hiding.

Please let us know if we have any other solution to hide only specific visual.

Thanks in advance.

Aside from CSS I'm not aware of any other way to make the custom changes you need. But I'm sure if someone else has an idea they will post an alternative.

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