Doc that explicitly exists in the Index comes second when searched

Hi team. Im new to ES. My index has 19K documents spread over 2 fields: 'banner' and 'id'. And what sometimes happens is that when i search for a banner that explicitly exists (as-in-search) in the index it only comes in second, meaning with second best score. I would expect ES to return precisely what’s in the index if that’s precisely what im searching for. Here is an example:

Query (over 'banner' field only): ‘Caldera OpenLinux Server’
Result 1: ‘Caldera OpenLinux Desktop’
Result 2: ‘Caldera OpenLinux Server’

I did not modify anything after installing elasticsearch and i use it pretty much out-of-the-box.

querry = {'query': {'match': {'banner': 'Caldera OpenLinux Server'}}}
print (('epm', doc_type='banners', body=querry, size = 2)))

Can you guys help me with an idea as to why this happens and maybe how to deal with that? Thank you.

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