Docker-compose start false

The 'setup' part cannot be executed repeatedly, there is a problem with the shell script, can you update the description in the official document (Install Elasticsearch with Docker | Elasticsearch Guide [8.5] | Elastic) .

$ docker logs -f --tail 1000  efk-setup-1
Setting file permissions
Waiting for Elasticsearch availability
Setting kibana_system password
All done!

Hi @freemankevin Welcome to the community....

Can you provide more detail on what is not working?
From my understanding...
Setup runs, completes its tasks and then exist, that is the proper behavior
The first time it runs it does the certs / passwords / volumes etc..
Subsequent times it runs assuming the volumes and containers are there it skips all the setup.

I just ran the example from scratch.

docker-compose up -d
docker-compose stop
docker-compose start

Everything works fine for me... can you help us with a little more detail on what the issues you are experiencing?

Yes, it is like this, you are right, but if I need to repeatedly perform the operation of starting, closing and restarting, then the zip file already exists and then there is a problem with the judgment of the shell script.In short, the above compose command cannot be executed repeatedly. Only the first execution will not report an error. If it is executed repeatedly, there will be problems.
There is also a small problem, that is, your community forum, when you open it with Google Chrome, it feels like it is frozen, and you can’t slide it. It is normal to open it with Firefox browser.
The script problem can be reproduced, you can try it locally and see the effect.

In other words, this operation is just a function of a job, and it will be fine after running, regardless of whether the status is healthy or exited.

Apologies I do not see an error... I'm not saying that there is not one, but can you provide the exact error you're seeing? I don't see it.

2nd this compose file is not really meant to be executed over and over... Technically you would remove the setup step once it's completed the first time.

If you want to run it over and over..
You need to clean up the volume mounts first.. But even if I don't, it runs fine for me...

Also, please keep in mind that this compose is an example. It's not necessarily meant to be your production system.

I have seen this occasionally on Chrome on Android... We are using a common forum platform we do not actually write the forum code.

Thanks for verifying...

@warkolm not sure if there is an upgrade for the forum software but I've seen this too.. When I log in through my phone into some longer threads, Chrome on Android will sometimes hang does not hang on Firefox.

Okay, I roughly understand, it is still similar to the job function in k8s. thanks.

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