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I am currently trying to set up Elasticsearch using Docker on an IPv6-only server.
Though Elasticsearch seems to be available via Docker Hub, it seems outdated and recommended to use the registry instead.
However, for some reason, this registry seems to be IPv4-only (I could not find any AAAA records), which is kind of frustrating, especially for a tech product.
Do you plan to support IPv6 soon?



Not sure why do you think it's outdated on docker hub. See Docker

I can see that hasn't gotten the 8.10 release yet. The official image is a bit more complicated — let me double check that this didn't get stuck. In the meantime, should be up to date and support IPv6.

And let me double check on the plan for IPv6 on our own registry. But Docker Hub isn't deprecated and gets all the current images, so this should be a reasonable workaround (for now).


Ha! I missed this one. Thanks!


Thank you for your quick reply and the workaround, I will try later this evening.
I thought it would be outdated because it wasn't mentioned anywhere, I'm glad it "just" was an error, Docker Hub will work with IPv6.


Just to close the loop here: We found the issue and hope to get that sorted out soon :slight_smile:

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