Elasticsearch docker image for i386 architecture is needed

Where can I find elasticsearch docker image for i386 architecture? I know it is not officially supported, but an unofficial one would suffice. If there is no such image, how can I build one locally? Any help would be much appreciated.
My system is an archaic 32-bit Ubuntu 16.04 box running Docker version 17.03.2-ce, build f5ec1e2.

We don't provide 32 bit builds at all sorry to say.

Thanks for your post. Can you provide the instructions for enthusiasts to build i386 binary locally?

You won't be able to, we don't support a 32 bit JVM.

Thank you for your post. There seem to be info on the Internet re elasticsearch for arm-32 and i686, so maybe you used to support those in the past and it would be possible to find some old version, no?

Possibly, but they would be unsupported. And I don't recall what versions we did support x86 sorry.

Unsupported would be fine as long as those are marginally operational - not going to be used in production, just for testing some ideas. So if you could point at some outdated archives where I could find some i386 or i686 versions or build them locally - it would be much appreciated.

Just in case somebody out there for whatever inexplicable reason needs to run the elasticsearch container on i386 hardware, please see the Dockerfile for building the image locally here: https://github.com/Turmer/i386-elasticseach.

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