Docker image for Kibana 7.8.0 not showing drilldown capability

I have a docker container running Kibana version 7.8.0 and don't seem to have the ability to create a Drilldown in my dashboard. Here's an image showing the issue:

Is this something that's not available (yet) in the docker image?

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Are you using the default docker image?

Thank you for the welcome! And yes, it's the default docker image:

Could be because the dashboard does not have a meaningul aggregate to drilldown to? or the dataset does not have the linking column to drilldown to?

It works flawlessly for all my dashboards....

You were absolutely right. I had only been trying this with one of our visualizations and not the other. The other visualization that is a Data Table has the drilldown option so it must be due to either a lack of aggregates or column links.

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