Dockerized oss version of ELK stack


Where could I find a dockerized oss versions of the ELK stack?

Seems like it used to be available on but it isn't anymore?

Is there a reason?

From what I understand, one can't distribute a modified version of ELK with the Free Basic plan license.

So how do we get the dockerized version of the latest version of ELK or at least installation package like deb or rpm files?

Thank you

Do you want the entire stack, or each component? If you want each component you can add -oss to the container url to get the open source one(s) instead of the default.

What sort of modifications are you talking about, and where are you distributing them?

Thank you I'll try that.

No modifications have been made yet. it wouldn't be anything big. Things like css changes and maybe adding logos. it's not distributed yet. but thinking about using ELK stack to show visual analytics for apps I built.

Are you asking because it's still possible to distribute it with the Basic License instead of the Apache license?

If you would like to do that please email, we do provide exemptions for reasonable distribution(s), and they will help answer that :slight_smile:

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