Pulled OpenDistro ELasticsearch image but it is not running from inside a docker

I am trying to test how open distro's elasticsearch works when I pull its image and run it. But when I do the curl command from inside the conatiner with container's ip, ELasticsearch isnt reachable.
Any idea what to do on this issue? Does ELasticsearch community support Open Distro?

OpenDistro have their own forum where it might be easier to get help in this.

Thanks a lot @Christian_Dahlqvist. Have you personally used Open Distro for ES?

No, I have not.

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Any reason for not using the official distribution?

I am considering open distro for its alerting and out of box security feature.

Note that security is now available OOTB from 6.8 and in 7.x series.
Also running all that from cloud.elastic.co is a piece of cake.

Anyway please ask your questions regarding the non official distribution in their forums as we most likely won't be able to help here.

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Also most of alerting features went to basic in 7.7.


@dadoonet I just got the Gold package to try the alerting in there. Alerting comes under Watcher it looks like.

I have a 7.4 version elk setup and running and want to upgrade it to 7.7 inplace. Most importantly my elk is running inside docker so I am looking at how to properly either creating a separate image for 7.7 or create a new container to upgrade 7.4 to 7.7.
What would you recommend as per 7.7 docker images guidelines?

@dadoonet the x-pack setup is required to be setup in 7.7 too. So what OOTB options are available?
I enjoy ELK and want to find a way within it only.
Running from cloud.elastic.co provides better security?

Don't be confused by "x-pack" which is the name of the modules, the features and the license.
If you just download the default distribution, it comes with all the modules you need (what you are calling "x-pack") and with a basic license. See Subscriptions about the different features available in the free version.

I see. Is it possible to have a docker container that has elastic-logstash-kibana out of the box? And if so, do you know of any?

Here is how I'm setting that with docker compose ( docker-compose.yml):

version: '3'

    image: docker.elastic.co/elasticsearch/elasticsearch:$ELASTIC_VERSION
      - bootstrap.memory_lock=true
      - discovery.type=single-node
      - xpack.security.enabled=$ELASTIC_SECURITY
        soft: -1
        hard: -1
      - 9200:9200
    networks: ['stack']

    image: docker.elastic.co/kibana/kibana:$ELASTIC_VERSION
    ports: ['5601:5601']
    networks: ['stack']
    links: ['elasticsearch']
    depends_on: ['elasticsearch']

  stack: {}

.env file is:


For Logstash, I do have another recipe here:

Basically add:

    image: docker.elastic.co/logstash/logstash:$ELASTIC_VERSION
    container_name: logstash
      - ./logstash-config/config/logstash.yml:/usr/share/logstash/config/logstash.yml
      - ./logstash-config/query/search-by-geo.json:/usr/share/logstash/config/search-by-geo.json
      - 8080:8080
      - 9600:9600
    networks: ['stack']
    restart: on-failure
      - elasticsearch
      - kibana

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