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Hi everyone, I am very new to using elastic stack and docker. I am using elasticsearch built by docker-compose, and currently, I am just practicing on my local machine how to make any deployment production ready. It will be very helpful for me if I can get some suggestions or resources about how to move on for more advanced staff; specifically, I am more interested in learning how to make any deployment more secured, how to handle docker's I/O timeout issue, how to keep the server running, etc. I appreciate any suggestion that you think will be useful for me.

Many thanks

Hi @tifty , welcome to the forums!

We have a number of Elastic-focused training courses available on Onsite & Online Training for Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, Logstash, and more | Elastic Training some of which involve some docker usage.

Elastic doesn't support the docker product directly, so you'll have to find other resources (possibly from for learning more about how to manage production-grade docker infrastructure.

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Thanks @matschaffer for sharing the resources. I will follow accordingly.

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