Docker-compose installation

I just got an elasticsearch license and am curious about the latest installation options. The docker-compose example here worked with 6.x. It seems to stumble a bit on 7.x security config. It's is for an on prem installation.



What's the question? :slight_smile:
The latest installation options are listed here:

There is:

Eventually there will be ECK too:

The repo you point to is an example, effort based, stack-in-a-machine demonstration/lab install. Although extremely useful, I use one, I'm not sure how you plan to run a persistent production cluster installed all in 1 machine through something like that, but you haven't provided a lot of details either, so it's hard to make inferences about what you want to do.

Usually how people install, operate, maintain, upgrade and configure elasticsearch is largely dependent on how they manage all the other software they use on prem and where their experience lies. It's like running MongoDB or Redis, or Kafka, or anything else that reach the "coordinated cluster" level of complexity.

Are you a Chef shop, an ansible shop, a puppet shop, a kubernetes shop, an AWS shop, an openstack shop, a docker swarm shop, all of the above?

The only officially supported on-prem "stack-in-a-box" offering I know of right now are ECE and the upcoming ECK.

Awesome, thanks. We are an ansible shop. I've installed large stacks with chef. Any config management approach takes quite a bit of work to fine tune.

This stack is one large node for internal server monitoring. I was just wondering if there were any new tools that provide something close to a polished installation out of the box. We don't have large blocks of time to dedicate to engineering, so docker-compose seems like a good solution for now. I have a meeting with our rep today so we will work out the details.

Thanks, and cheers,

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