[DOCS] Where can I find the newest 7.15 guide docs zh-CN versions?

HI there

I am a beginner for Elasticsearch, and it is not very convenient for me to read the guide book with English.

I't very nice that you have gave us a Chinese guide book here https://www.elastic.co/guide/cn/elasticsearch/guide/current/index.html, but it's based on 2.X. So when I followed this guidebook ,I found myself very confused since many things has changed for 7.15, for example:

  • When I installed kibana,there is no sence in 7.15 and you should use console instead
  • When I flollowed the concurrency-control page, when I querry with ?version=1,it also was wrong in 7.15 ,you have to use ?if_seq_no=1&?if_primary_term=1 instead
  • etc.

So Where can I find the newest 7.15 guide docs zh-CN versions? Or does it exsit?

BTW,I can find the English version both GitHub & elastic.co, but no zh-CN version.

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Unfortunately tt this stage we do not translate our core documentation to other languages, it is only available in English.

The guide you refer to is the old Definitive Guide to Elasticsearch, which was translated into a few different languages, but it is a historic exception.

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Got it, thanks a lot :smiley:.

Have you planned to do this ? Or maybe one day I will find other languages on the elastic guide webpage?

I'll see if I can get someone from that team to comment on this for you.

I'd also encourage you to create a feature request at Issues · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub with this, just to help improve visibility around the request :slight_smile:

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