Document Explorer field sorting

On a steep learning curve with Elasticsearch and was wondering something about Document Explorer, please. I am noting that only some columns can be sorted A-Z, presumably because they only contain alpha strings not like in attached image.


However, if I want to sort a column that is multi-data, is there another way? I'd really like to work through redundancies by having all values sorted.


Hi and welcome to our community

I'm not sure what you mean by 'only contain alpha strings', could you elaborate. Generally it depends on the mapping of a field, if a field is sortable, and you can also add multi fields to the table

However, it would be helpful if one does not need to pick the right field to sort by when having multifields, there's a related issue for this, have a look:


Hi Matthias
Thank you for replying. In the screenshot, A-Z sorting is unavailable, and I was wondering if it had anything to do with alpha, numeric or NULL values in the field. For example in, "secret" and 123456 can't be sorted, therefore, greyed out?

Oh I see. If multifield (k), then not sortable. Just out of ignorant curiosity, why?

No, it's about mappings. You can use a keyword field to sort by. But this isn't possible with a text field.

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