Document Level Security in Kibana

There is a native user configured in elasticshield with document level security configured for associated role with that user.

When query data from elasticsearch using curl with this user it returns data and works perfectly fine.

When logged into kibana using this user, Kibana enters in home page with Blank screen and processing bar on top right corner always runing and it never loads any data.

As part of debugging , when inspected browser network traffic , kibana is cocntantly firing queries to elastic search
like following



and receiving response 200 on both of these type of requests.

It never turns up data in kibana home page and constantly runing those queries at backend.


I have configured the required privileges for it to access kibana.

Following is role details associated to that user

"indices": [
"names": [ ".kibana*" ],
"privileges": ["manage","read","index"]
"names": [""],
"privileges": ["read","view_index_metadata"],
"fields" : [ "
" ],
"query": {
"bool": {
"should": [
{"term": { "metadata.field1": "value1" }},
{"term": { "metadata.field2": "value2" }}

Just to Reiterate - The same user works well , when running a elastic search query using curl .


Are there any errors in the javascript console? Are there any requests in the network tab that are failing? Kibana's likely trying to pull down information that's forbidden by shield.

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