Document written by Watcher index action is not visible in KIBANA index

Hi Team,

I have created watcher to calculate some time difference and put the document of some fields in index .

My watcher is getting executed successfully , fields are created in kibana .

but Data is not visible in Kibana , not sure what's the issue .

Kindly help to resolve the issue .

Thanks and Regards,
Mrunalini Sinnarkar

Hi Team ,

Can you Please help with this issue?

Hi @mrunalini. Can you provide the steps to reproduce this? Also, how do you know that the data is in the index? And how are you looking for it in Kibana?

Hi @Keith_Massey , I am able to see the fields created by my watcher index action in kibana index pattern as well as Kibana dashboard , but no records present in kibana.

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