Does anybody have any experience using Infinidat storage with Elasticsearch?

Hi Folks,

We have a team that is considering using Infinidat [1] storage as the disk storage for Elasticsearch.

Does anybody have any experience with such a deployment?

There is a use-case on the website from Sprint [2] which mentions the use of Infinidat storage in a diagram with Elasticsearch, but I am not sure from that picture how it is used exactly.

Thanks for any constructive insights folks can offer.




Hi Peter,

I can confirm the diagram, Sprint is using infinidat to host their elastic environment. They were having performance issues with elastic on their shared San environment and evaluated using Hyper converged with ssd's or using infinidat. Infinidat ended up being less expensive and higher performance. Stefan Stroebel is the man behind Sprints elastic environment, he was one of the key presenters at the elastic user group meet up last Friday (KC branch) and spoke directly to this.

I can help connect you with Stefan if you are interested in talking with him.

Caleb Rector

Thanks Caleb,

That would be great if you could put me in touch with Stefan Stroebel on this topic.


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