Storage recommendations for Elastic

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What is the recommended storage to deploy Elastic search .
We are weighting options between local vs netapp storage .

Please guide.


Local storage for hot nodes with high speed SSD.

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How about the security ,scalability ? Currently we have deployed ELK in netapp and the performance seems to be acceptable.

Is performance the only driving factor for local storage or any other factors?

Are you running your cluster at the data volumes you expect to handle or are you expecting indexing and data load to grow over time? Do your networked storage offer the same level of consistency and reliability as local disks so you do not risk ending up with corruption issues down the line?

If your file system is reliable and provides the same guarantees as a local filesystem, e.g. ensuring a write has been commited when reporting this to be the case, performance is often the main concern. If it is not resilient and reliable you may at some point in the future end up with corruption and risk losing data. Networked storage can often be slower and will be limited by the bandwidth and latency of the network in place. There is networked storage that is very fast and resilient, but I have also seen a lot of networked storage that have problems keeping up with a workload with lots of small random read and writes and quickly becomes the bottleneck. I would recommend benchmarking your storage with a realistic workload to see how it scales and performs. Note that Elasticsearch does generally not read and write in large chunks, which a lot of storage systems are optimised for.

Thanks for your feedback.I will benchmark with realistic workload as you suggested and make a call .

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