Elasticsearch wich SAN storage?


is it supported to run elaticsearch against a mounted SAN storage?


It's not recommended.

Thanks for the reply. Not recommended because local disks should be faster, or may I become any consistency issues / other problems?

See https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/tune-for-indexing-speed.html#_use_faster_hardware

If indexing is I/O bound, you should investigate giving more memory to the filesystem cache (see above) or buying faster drives. In particular SSD drives are known to perform better than spinning disks. Always use local storage, remote filesystems such as NFS or SMB should be avoided. Also beware of virtualized storage such as Amazon’s Elastic Block Storage . Virtualized storage works very well with Elasticsearch, and it is appealing since it is so fast and simple to set up, but it is also unfortunately inherently slower on an ongoing basis when compared to dedicated local storage. If you put an index on EBS , be sure to use provisioned IOPS otherwise operations could be quickly throttled.

Thanks, as I read it, it is mostly on performance. I agree that I should avoid anything via Ethernet like NAS or SMB.
That's why I asked for SAN (via FibreChannel) which should be much faster than a NAS - at least our storage guys say so.

If your SAN is faster than the local drives, then that could be an option.
Note that to be totally safe, you should have 2 SAN and make sure that elasticsearch does not allocate primaries and replicas on the same SAN.

I know that theorically nothing should go wrong but my experience is different :slight_smile:

ok, then we will start with that option and keep keep the local option in mind if we encounter performance issues.

Thanks and have a nice weekend

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