Elasticsearch Failing. .kibana_task_manager_8.5.0_001 Failed engine index/write.lock


Version: 8.5.1
currently I have a lot of trouble to keep the ELK alive.
It failed twice exactly after 11 days.

I am using Elastic & Kibana on Kubernetes Rancher.
Deployed single node cluster Using NFS as Persistent volume for the cluster.

Is the issue reoccuring when NFS storage is being used?
If yes, is there any alternative for the same?

Quite possibly. The docs says the following:

Elasticsearch requires the filesystem to act as if it were backed by a local disk, but this means that it will work correctly on properly-configured remote block devices (e.g. a SAN) and remote filesystems (e.g. NFS) as long as the remote storage behaves no differently from local storage.

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HI @Christian_Dahlqvist

Thanks for the reply!
In that case, what is the recommended storage for ELK stack?

Local SSDs are always recommended, which may not be an option in a k8s environment, but other types of storage are often used. It is usually fine as long as the guidance in the docs I linked to are followed.

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