Elasticsearch in kubernetes: how to use remote filesystem?

Hi, I want to run elasticsearch in kubernetes.

Since I understand the kubernetes paradigm this way, that "don't care on which node your stuff is running", I am hesitating with pinning elasticsearch on defined kubernetes nodes. Also the local storage may be too small, so I would like to use remote storage if possible because it can easier react growing storage. The storage admins will take care of it.

In dev environment I tired a 3 node cluster using glusterfs, but I have problems when restoring a snapshot, which is stored on nfs share.

My cluster is quite often pending between yellow and green status. I found this thread here:

where you mentioned that only local filesystem or block device is supported.

What options for remote filestorage in bare metal kubernetes environment do I have?
Will elastic work well with FC storage class where I could mount a SAN device?
Any other alternatices?

Should an NFS storage work fine for snapshots?


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