Elasticsearch clustering with External Storage

Im having an elasticsearch cluster with local storage. Can I point all elasticsearch data nodes to same external hard disk? This will help me in Kubernetes to pull storage out of nodes/pods and keep it separate

Can someone please reply?

Hi buddy, as of now that is not possible how far I know.

Connie R. Lawson

Thanks for the reply. Its not possible means, if I try to point all three nodes to a mounted external storage, Will elasticsearch fail to start? or Master node will add duplicate data?

What do you want to do? On K8S people use NFS or EFS but not recommended but you can put data anywhere, BUT each node MUST have its own data directory, they cannot share the actual data or very bad things will happen.

But you could have NFS and have node1/ node2/ node3/ directories or mounts, but the performance, etc. won't be great and there can be other issues.

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