Is it possible to use same data storage for nodes?

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Hello All,

I am newbie on elasticsearch cluster and i don't understood the storage mechanism, could you please help me with my questions;

My Question-1 For MASTER NODE:
I created master nodes with replica value 3 on the kubernetes; Now i have 3 master nodes. but i am not sure for about "master nodes should use shared storage or dedicated storage for each master node".

Could you please find below screenshot, which is correct solution for master ?


My Question-2 For DATA NODE:
Please accept same question for data nodes but i want to learn how can i provide the redundancy for data? ( example; number_of_replicas = 1 )

My Question-3 For DISK SIZE:
The DATA nodes, store the data and will growth. we will monitor the disk usage and we can increase the size of disk no problem. But i don't know required disk size for MASTER and INGEST nodes.

Thank you for your understanding and for your help.

Best Regards

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Each Elasticsearch node assumes it has got its own storage, so the correct way is option B in both scenarios.

Dedicated master and ingest nodes do not hold data and generally need relatively little disk space in order to hold the cluster state etc. 200GB sounds far more than required.

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