Does anyone know whether Rally would work with Elassandra?

I'm working with Elassandra (Elasticsearch + Cassandra). I'd like to do some benchmarking. Is it possible to do so with Rally?

I have doubts about how Rally works. I want to test an existing live Elassandra server (not production yet) without Rally creating the data. I just want to be able to send search queries and measure the throughput if I were to send a few hundreds a second to one or two Elassandra nodes...

Thank you.

Rally does not have to generate data, so you can configure it to just run queries against existing data. I am not familiar with Elassandra, but as long as it exposes an Elasticsearch endpoint and accept the same syntax/DSL as Elasticsearch so you can use the standard client libraries I guess it should be possible to use Rally to benchmark it.

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Yes. I can send the usual DSL message via HTTP to Elassandra, so I guess it will indeed be possible. Great. Thanks for the info!

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