Rally for aggregations on existing ES cluster


I have an existing ElasticSearch Cluster with 36 Data Nodes and 5 Masters.
Our Main Use case is search + aggregations(alot)
It frequency goes to RED state with some concurrent requests.
After reading many blogs, I suspect some of the settings we have done are wrong.

In order to test the performance of ES after tweaking those settings , I am thinking of using rally.
So I have 2 questions:-

  1. Is Rally the right tool for this?
  2. How can I create a test-track which has only search+aggregation queries.
    Please note: I found some articles on search queries but none on Aggregations Queries.

Any help is appreciated.

Running benchmarks against existing clusters with existing indices is in my opinion a very common use-case and I wish there was a proper example of this in the docs. I believe Rally still requires some index specifications even if they are not used, so it is possible to create a slimmed down challenge to do exactly what you are requesting. In order to create complex queries and the distribution of query parameters, you may need to create a custom parameter source in Python. An example of how to create complex multisearch queries with aggregations can be foundin the rally-eventdata-track where it is ued to simulate Kibana queries.