Does apm-agent-go support opentracing inject and extract?

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apm-go-agent 1.8 apmhttprouter 1.8

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debain repository

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I have two microservices with opentracing implmented already. I am trying to update them to support apm-server and elastic stack. Documentation says apm-agent-go supports opentracing api. After switching to apm-server, opentracing Inject and Extract (tracing out going http request) doesn't seem to work, they are recorded as separately traces. If I change to use apmhttp.WrapClient in client service, it works. Could it be possible use opentracing api implementation only?

Hi @oscar_wu, welcome to the forum!

Yes, the Go agent does support inject/extract with OpenTracing, but only HTTP/text; the binary carrier is not supported. Do your microservices communicate using HTTP?

You can find the implementation details of these methods here:

If you can provide a small program to demonstrate the problem you're having, we might be able to provide more help.

@axw, Thanks for you answer. Those microservices communicate using restful http. I will give a try again.

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