What is the differences of Public API and Elastic APM OpenTracing bridge of JAVA agent?

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Kibana version:
Elasticsearch version:
APM Server version:
APM Agent language and version:
JAVA agent 1.13.0

I see the document of Public API and Elastic APM OpenTracing bridge .In my opinion, I think they are the same ,so Can you tell me the differences ? or they are suitable in different scenes ?

Hi and thanks for the question.
You can use both to do similar things, but the public API is ours, so it is reacher and provides more flexibility.
The OpenTracing bridge is suitable when you want to use an existing OpenTracing-dependent tracing module with the Elastic tracer (and view it in Kibana).
If you are looking for something to enhance your own code tracing, you should probably opt for the public API.
I hope this helps.

really thanks ,I get it now

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