Does apm support hystix


I am evaluating APM for my service and I am going through the frameworks APM is supporting from the network client perspective. (

I didn't find support for hystrix there. Are hystrix call captured in transactions like how APM works for normal apache/jersey client

Hi and thanks for the question!

I am not familiar with Hystrix, but unless it embeds a supported client, it would not be supported.

A few options are available to you in this case:

  1. Rely on some Hystrix interceptors (or similar concept) that allows you to do see requests and responses as they occur and use our public API to trace them
  2. Find an OpenTracing library that traces it and use our OpenTracing integration
  3. Use the OpenTelemetry agent in combination with our OpenTelemetry integration

I hope this helps.

This is the hystrix which I am talking about.

Did you get a chance to look at Hystrix?

Only a bit, it is not supported and unfortunately there are no current plans to support it.

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