Does elastic eck operators support open distro for Elasticsearch


We use the eck operator to deploy the ES cluster in kubernetes. Now we are trying to use the open distro for Elasticsearch docker image to create the ES cluster but operators not able to create the POD, pod creation fails as Init container elastic-internal-init-filesystem fails to start. It fails with the error “unsupported_distribution”. When we tried to find out about this error message, we found in one of the eck script i.e, prepare_fs_script.go we found this error message. Below is the code snippet from that file.
By looking at the comment, it says works with default ES distribution only. so will it not able create the pod if we use open distro image ?

//the operator only works with the default ES distribution
if [[ ! -f license || (grep -Fxc "ELASTIC LICENSE AGREEMENT" $license) -ne 1 ]]; then
>&2 echo "unsupported_distribution"
exit + fmt.Sprintf("%d", UnsupportedDistroExitCode) +

No it's not supported.
Is there a reason you feel you need to use it over the default distribution with the included free features?

Hi @warkolm Thanks for replying. There was a request from our customer to check if we can deploy ES cluster from open distro, so I was exploring about it.

i @warkolm,

does eck operators supports elasticsearch oss (elasticsearch open source version) ?

I am getting "unsupported_distribution" when I trying to use the docker image

ECK only supports licensed Elasticsearch distributions (note the Basic license is free).

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