Does elasticsearch recommend to use any special character in user password for user


Here I am trying to get the details, does elasticsearch recommend to use any special character for user password? I tried doing some search in those lines but didn't succeed in getting any proper pages with recommendations for the password.

How ever here in the below page, it doesn't specify anything about chacracters support for password.

Here we also expect the logstash should work seamlessly with the same user password in connecting to elasticsearch.

could you please guide or help me in getting this information with recommendations from elasticsearch.

Thank you in advance!


I have not found a page where Elastic recommends a password policy. The only requirement I have found so far is this issue from 2017 which is still correct: I have checked in our 7.9.2 Kibana instance and it requires passwords to be at least 6 characters long.

Personally, I am not a create fan of special characters as they can cause problems depending on the usecase(e.g. the hash sign can mark a comment in linux, ...). Lately, I only use a-zA-Z0-9 and dash and underscore. For complexity, I use passwords between 20 to 40 characters...

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Thank you for your response Wolfram.

Thank you for the link. I see it is more like enforcing rule.

Is it safe to assume the elastic user password can be anything, including any special character and elasticsearch support it without any issue as we didn't see any page which recommends the password policy for elastic user password ?

Yes, I think so. As long as your environment supports the characters ElasticSearch should too.

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