Does ES2 Support scroll and search_after for Retrieving >10K Data

Hey guys,

I have a question about ES version 2. Does ES2 support scroll and search_after for retrieving >10K data?

If ES2 doesn't support scroll and search_after, how can I retrieve >10K data on ES2?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Elasticsearch 2.x is VERY old and have been EOL a for many years now. You should really look to upgrade, especially as a lot of improvements have been made in the area you are asking about.

As far as I can recall you will need to use a scroll query to retrieve large number of documents in Elasticsearch 2.x.

Gotcha. I assume that search_after is not supported in ES2 right?

I do not think so.

I wanna ask, in which case can I use scroll api instead of search_after? What are difference between the two? I know that scroll keeps the index open until we close it or the time expires, but I am still not really clear about the difference.

Also, I am not clear about what it means by real time request because I saw that scroll is not intended for real time user request. Thanks

Elasticsearch 2.x is as I stated earlier VERY old. I would recommend upgrading. I have not used that version in years and remember very little. Not sure I can help more than that.

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