Fetching results beyond 10k - scroll/searchAfter

We are on elastic 7.8, we have use case to fetch beyond 10k results are in interactive mode from users on pretty decent scale (say ~40 concurrent hits)

We have stumbled upon

  1. scroll (everytime open a scroll, retrieve and close the scroll)
  2. searchAfter (sorted by _id )

We did Load Testing with above both options

  1. Data Nodes -6 (4cores, 64G RAM, 1TB)
  2. Co-ordinator - 2 (4cores, 32G RAM)
  3. 60 Concurrent Threads doing search on cluster retrieving top 5000 results
  4. Index - 20M docs, 30 shards 2 replicas


  1. Search is really bad with latencies over 40 secs
  2. With scrolls/searchAfter even regular searches are getting slower
  3. If disable scrolls/searchAfter, regular searches are getting better ~3-4 secs under load
  4. We dont see CPU/RAM being spiked up


  1. Can someone throw light how scrolls/searchAfter are so expensive
  2. As our resources are under utilized, can someone point us to settings to be changes from default which are otherwise defaulted to conservative numbers?

Elasticsearch is not always limited by CPU, and can often instead be limited by disk I/O. What kind of storage do you have? Have you monitored disk I/o and iowait?

dont see much spikes in IO read/Writes as well, we are on ssd 1TB local storage per node

How large is the index (in GB)? What is the average shard size?

~500G for entire index and ~8G per shard

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