Does FIPS 140-2 Mode Work on Kubernetes?

Hi All,

I was looking into FIPS 140-2 mode support on Kubernetes with Elastic's k8s operator, however, I didn't see any mention of FIPS 140-2 at all within the docs. Is this something that is supported? If it is does it require any special configuration within the operator ?

Can you tell us more about what your usecase is, and why you need FIPS compliance? We don't currently support this for the operator.

We deal with some 3rd parties that perform regular audits, its often easier/less work to use FIPS compliance modes in apps as the majority of work has been done already to pass the audit. Without the compliance mode additional documentation and configuration is required on our end to pass the audits. So it's mainly a quality of life feature for my use-case.


Sounds good, this isn't currently on our roadmap, but we will collect more information and come back on when we do prioritize this.


Is this still not a supported feature for ECK?

Can anybody Please confirm the same.