Does Java rest client support "Cross Cluster Search"

Hi All
We are using ES 2.4.6 now with "Tribe Node" and Java TransportClient, they are working fine, and we can search multiple indexes on different clusters.
We are going to upgrade to ES 6.2.4 and use "Java rest client" to do the same thing.

So does Java rest client support "Cross Cluster Search"? We have similar case like this:
We have index post1 on cluster1 and index post2 on cluster2.
We can search with "Tribe Node", ES 2.4.6 with Java TransportClient:
SearchRequestBuilder builder = client.prepareSearch("post*");

But with "Cross Cluster Search Node", ES 6.2.4 with Java rest client:
SearchRequest searchRequest = new SearchRequest("post*");

Does above will work ? If not, how to make this work.


From a client perspective, cross-cluster search is transparent. You will have to configure cross-cluster search on the server side, then explicitly ask for remote indices in your queries (post* will only point to the local indices in the cluster hit by the request, you will also have to add the remote indices, prefixed by their corresponding cluster alias e.g. post*,cluster1:post*,cluster2:post* or post*,*:post*), and everything should work.

Thank you for your response.
Just like we guessed, we will try this.

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