Does the Elasticsearch Docker Cluster demo persist all data in the volumes?

I was liking the sample 3 container cluster which was set up, and upped it to 5. I was trying to understand more of the docker stuff itself, so i was thinking that under the hood this docker image will save the Documents to the volume. That way, I can just point to the space on host I want volumes to live at.

Ideally, I am thinking to expand this by adding a bunch more containers which will have beats and logstash and will report to the exposed Cluster master.

I had 1 question, which I think is important, according to the Sample Docker-Compose yaml file, is it easy to spin up 10 other containers on another 2 machines and connect them as 1 giant swarm? It looks like Elasticsearch generally just works as long as they have the same cluster name / elasticsearch name. I wanted to know if there are specific flags I need to set up to do something as follows:

Host1: Docker Cluster with 1 master + 4 worker nodes.
Host2: Docker Cluster ( 4 Worker )
Host3: Docker Cluster ( 6 workers )

I wasn't sure what I need to change in the docker compose to have all 3 hosts linkall the workers and the master to be 1 large cluster. I thought there may need to be some tweaks to get Host2 containers to connect to Host1's network etc. I think the network defined is a bridge, so i figured I need to augment that.

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