Does watcher retry failed webhook triggers?

I'm using watcher to trigger a webhook on a condition. It failed with "type": "socket_exception", "reason": "Connection reset"}. Subsequent request on the next check passed.

As the webhook trigger is crucial, I want to know if the watcher tries the unsuccessful request again or is there an other service that could be useful for my case?

There is no retry logic built into the webhook action. If the webhook fails, the action will report the failure.

Hi Keith

Thanks for answering. Is it the same with connectors or do they have a retry on failure?

I don't think I know the answer to that. Which connectors are you talking about?

I was talking about this connector Webhook connector and action | Kibana Guide [8.12] | Elastic

It is the same behavior, there is no retry if the webhook fails, it will report that the action has failed in the kibana event log datastream.

Hi Leandro

Thanks for sharing the details.