Doing aggregation as in an OLAP CUBE

I'm new to ELK is there a way doing aggregagtion as in OLAP CUBE.
Example: rate by departement, then rate by office.
Doesn't seem to work, everytime the rate is calculated on each doc and doesn't aggeagrate correctly to analysis axes. Any help? I'm afraid to be near to failed in my POC...
Thanks a lot

Can you provide some more information as to where you are with this? What is the visualization you have configured? Are you wanting a histogram with a derivative aggregation of two fields?

Hello Tyler,
many thanks for your help, here is the problem with simple data in the picture below.

So Olap knows how to do calculate with hierarchy. I thought i could do reporting with Kibana because it's very fast but users wants to analyse data with filter....
Thanks for your help

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