Don't understand how to use visualbuilder


Every time I try my hand at making something with the visualbuilder I get frustrated because I have no clue how this thing works.

Even doing something supposedly simple as creating at metric with just the count results in totally incorrect data.

E.g. if I make a normal metric with the count I get something like 6000. If I go to metric in the visualbuilder and select count on the same index and same time range I get 62. But that 62 is the last value (if I go to timeline I can see 62 is the last) so instead of doing the sum of all counts it just picks the last one?

Same weird things happening if I select other fields. For example doing to sum of a interface will result in the last know value rather than the actual sum over the select time range.

I looked at the docs but they are pretty much non existent when it comes to offering actual information (I've always wondered what panel filter is supposed to do, apart from being mentioned once as an existing menu item there is nothing about it in the docs...).

What am I doing wrong?

The "metric" panel inside Time Series Visual Builder shows you only the metric for the last bucket in your selected time range.

For example, if I've selected the last four years, and select an interval of "year", then the metric will show only the count for the last year.

This is in contrast to the metric visualization, which doesn't bucket your data.

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