Visual Builder - Time series shows data but metric and gauge blank

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Hi there!

I've had this problem for a little while but its bugging me now that I want to use it a bit more!

Using the "Visual Builder" visualization, I am getting data in the "Time Series" chart, yet when I switch to the Gauge or Metric tabs they are blank, not even showing "0" but actually blank. I have tried with a much simpler query just showing one max value and thats it and I get the same. This is happening in 2 separate environments I have.

Please help!

Thanks in advance!

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Just to add, I figured this is when I use the "group by" option - as soon as I change it to group by hostname (in order to get a gauge for each host) it blanks everything. When I set it back to group by everything, it displays fine.

Is this a bug? If so, is there another way to work around this for the time being?

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@simianhacker - can you please help here whenever you get a chance ?

Thank you

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