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I am trying to create a demo on my local to prove that I can setup auto instrumentation of dotnet 8 web api using Serilog sink to send data to OTEL collector which in turn is forwarding Trace, Metrics and Logs data to elastic APM agent in fleet-server.

The Problem is that the APM services doesn't show a service named - DotNetWebAPI in APM Services in Kibana.

I have setup the ELK stack using this article - Getting started with the Elastic Stack and Docker Compose: Part 2 | Elastic Blog

Version of Elastic products


I have loosely followed this article for dotnet 8 api, as it did not work with SSL, so i digressed a little, but the container is up and running and i can receive response from api endpoint in postman and can see the logs for it in the Kibana Logs Streams, but can't see the DotNetWebAPI in the APM services..

I have checked in my DotNetWebAPI code in this public repo - GitHub - SunnyMittal/DotNetWebAPI

Elastic stack code is placed in this public repo -

Steps to reproduce the issue.

  1. use any password to generate .net web api certs using below command (use that password in ELK repo's .env file for variable - DOTNETWEBAPI_CERT_PASSWORD)
dotnet dev-certs https -ep $env:USERPROFILE\.aspnet\https\aspnetapp.pfx -p localDevNetCore
  1. Build the docker image say using below command from DotNetWebAPI project folder
    docker build . --progress plain -t "tb1"
  2. Standup ELK stack using below docker command from ELK folder
    docker compose up -d
  3. Browse to this url to trigger the API and then check logs in Kibana Stream

Let me know if you need any further info.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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