Downgrade from ES 8.10.1 TO 8.9.2

I would like to upgrade my ES to 8.10.1, i want to have the option to downgrade if tests fails. i did my search and did not find any breaking change between 8.9 to 8.10, wanted to confirm is downgrade is possible.

ex., 8.9 to 8.8 downgrade was not possible

Elasticsearch does not support downgrades. You would need to take a snapshot using the snapshot API and then restore this into an empty cluster at the previous version if you want to roll back the upgrade.

Thank you, one quick question, can i upgrade elastic to 8.10.1 and keep logstash at 8.9.2. where can i find the compactibility between logstash and Elasticsearch

Have a look at the official support matrix.

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